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The workout everyone needs!

Phew…I just finished doing the Senior Fit workout. Let me tell you…it is certainly not just for seniors! Someone said it should be called Super Fit and I agree. This workout looks so easy and you may be fooled because Berei is in her 80’s and she’s doing it with a smile but the joke’s on you when you are feeling sweat drip down your back and you’ve only just begun!

Here’s the description from the T-Tapp website:

Senior Fit is NOT just for Seniors! Teresa Tapp created this special Brain-Body Fitness Workout to help everyone maximize muscle activation, circulation and lymphatic health, regardless of age. Every exercise of mindful movement within Senior Fit is designed to improve strength, flexibility and heart health, as well as increase energy and decrease inflammation. Its special sequence of mindful movements combined with leverage isometrics will help your body rebuild from the inside out, improve posture and build better balance. No weights, no equipment, no impact and no need to increase sets or repetitions… this progressive workout delivers MORE results in LESS time and will continue to challenge as you get stronger and more flexible. Senior Fit is the workout that helps you stand taller, look and feel better so that Yes You Can be Fit and Fab Forever!

Seriously…it delivers all that!

Ready to give it a try? It’s on sale this month so grab it and get going!

I’ll just sit here a little longer until my legs and arms no longer feel like jelly 🙂

Operation Look Good for Prom was a Success!

I don’t know what happened but this post never was posted.  I stumbled upon it today when planning to write a new post and I just knew that I couldn’t let this one slip by.  It was supposed to come out in June.  I realize it is now November and he has since moved out into residence in university and is doing well.  He has become a vegetarian since moving away and is conscious trying to make the best food choices possible on campus and bringing fresh fruit and veggies back with him when he visits home.

Now pretend it’s June and enjoy!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son! What a big day.  He finished high school yesterday and his future is looking bright.  We’re so proud of you!

My son finished the T-Tapp challenge last week and I’m so proud that he lost 12.25 inches.  Four inches off his waist alone!  We didn’t weigh in before or after because we wanted the focus to be on wellness.

The biggest success was that he wants to continue committed to his health and eating a nutritarian diet while continuing with T-Tapp.  Here’s a picture of him all dressed up and me, the proud mom…I look more thrilled and it wasn’t even my prom!
Owly Images

Here are some questions I asked him…

Overall what was the hardest part of this past two months – Not being able to eat what I wanted all the time.

When you ate junk or processed foods how did you feel? – I felt fine until the next day! (He ended up with stomach and digestive issues or headaches on some Mondays after we had some family parties)

Compared to other exercises you’ve done, how did you feel about T-Tapp? – It’s crazy! Definately one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done.  I had a hard time keeping my form.

Were you impressed with how good it was? – Yeah I felt great all the time.

What advice do you have for someone thinking of eating like a nutritarian or starting T-Tapp? – Stick with it.  It’s going to be tough the first week or so but then it’s worth it.  Make sure you have a workout buddy.

Personally I had a wonderful time sharing recipes and food with my son.  It was very fun exercising with him too.  After doing this alone at home for so long, it was a very welcome change.

If you’re considering starting either T-Tapp or eating like a nutritarian and following Dr. Fuhrman’s advice, let me know!  Join me on facebook and share your thoughts.

Dr. Fuhrman

What an Awesome Retreat! Thanks T-Tapp!

I’m holding on tightly to the warmth in my heart and the glow that I brought back from the T-Tapp retreat.  I had a great time.  I learned so much and I truly got the boost that my mind, body and soul needed!  It was very busy but it was awesome!

The retreat featured two workouts each day…we’re talking clinics lasting up to 2.5 hrs each but oh so worth it.  Senior Fit was the main focus.  Don’t let the name fool you…it’s an awesome workout no matter what age.  It makes the T-Tapp workout more efficient and effective!  After 4 workouts I lost 12.25 inches…not bad eh?  The top loser reached about 20 inches!

We also ate tasty food! All lunches and dinners were included and most of the time it was a tasty buffet so I could eat lots of salad and veggies! Some awesome pastry and dessert breaks were thrown in there as well.  I can’t forget an amazing amaretto cookie that I savoured one evening!

I learned so much from the awesome speakers.  Venus DeMarco spoke about choices and she certainly brings things into perspective.  I can’t wait to read her upcoming book.  We also learned some great tid-bits from Lisa Petty, Aurea McGarry, Sue Ingebretson and Annette Kramer.  I loved hearing the bra ladies from Livi Rae Lingerie speak again too!

One awesome evening included a “Sexy after 40” line up of speakers featuring Mary Shomon, Teresa Tapp and Dr. Sara Gottfried.  It was so informative!  It will most likely be a PBS special too!

There were so many awesome things…the goodie bags were jam packed with treats, the weather was perfect, the Sunday Brunch at the hotel…oh man…none of it would be possible without the hard work of Teresa Tapp and her wonderful team! Thanks so much everyone!

I stayed in Safety Harbor for the trainer certifications as well.  I certified for the MORE workout and it was a huge hit.  I received lots of wonderful feedback…exactly what I needed for my confidence.  I had so much fun!

My fellow trainers and I had a great time catching up and a few of us did the first step for the Senior Fit workout.  What a wonderful experience.  You are going to love it when it comes out!

Over all it was a wonderful experience.  It was so motivational to hear everyone’s success stories and very inspirational to see and hear about those who overcame their barriers and decided to join in at the retreat no matter  what they could or couldn’t do!  They made the retreat so special for us all.

I had a wonderful time and I feel so blessed to have been able to go to the retreat again.  I love my T-Tapp sisters and I miss them dreadfully already.  The mindset is so different and so positive…that’s a true treasure and I cherish them all.