T-Tapp Classes

Next T-Tapp event in the GTA

Grab your spot for the upcoming T-Tapp workshop in the GTA!

***If you want to pre-order any T-Tapp items please let me know by October 16th***

Saturday October 26th, 2013 from 9:15 to 11:30am

Lose up to two dress sizes by Christmas!

Come out and get your form checked with T-Tapp trainer Isa and get the scoop on what we covered at the retreat!
Are you worried about the party season coming up?  With T-Tapp you can slim down very quickly and with a form check we can maximize your results.
Get the details on each move, feel those muscles and get moving on your decision to be the best that you can be!  Learn the keys to improving your form and how to make T-Tapp work for you no matter what your fitness level.  After having attended the retreat I’ll share about about what Teresa and the awesome speakers had to say this year.

Bring a friend and you both pay less!

Meadowvale Village Hall – 6970 Second Line W, Mississauga.  Click here for a map.

Bring comfortable clothes, runners, water and a towel and get ready for a great time!

Book in advance or pay $75 at the door.

Number of Attendees

Contact me for details!

I’m so honoured to be the only T-Tapp trainer in Ontario and one of a few in Canada.  It is my pleasure to meet people from Toronto and the surrounding areas as I help them be the best that they can be.

Contact me for individual or group classes or clinics. Ask me about specials and package rates.

Need me to customize something? Other clinics arranged by appointment too!

Clinic -Introduction to T-Tapp and Basic workout.* Get the details on each move, feel those muscles and get moving on your decision to be the best that you can be! – Mississauga ($75)

Clinic -Ready for the second half of the Total Workout?* You’re ready to tackle the second half to make up the Total Workout and now is the time. Go over the steps in Instructional 2 in detail so you can boost your results. – Mississauga ($75)

Class – Turbo charge your walking workout with T-Tapp principles. With proper form and a few simple techniques you can double the results of your walking workout without doubling your workout time! – Mississauga ($20)

*Pre-requisites: For T-Tapp clinics or classes, ownership and familiarity with T-Tapp Instructionals #1 and #2, Total Workout or the T-Tapp book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes. (For Basic classes Inst. #1, Basic Workout or Ch. 4 of the book.)

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