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Hello! I love when people reach out to ask questions or ask for more information. Leave me a comment and I’ll be able to see it and post the response here or I’ll email you directly depending on the question.

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  1. Sherry Millage

    Any workshops coming up in the next few months?


  2. Hi Esa,

    I am a member on the ETL forums and I saw your blog here (website). I see that you live in Missisauga. Did you ever by any chance know a man by the name of Bob Skakie? He recently passed away. Great website by the way. And very cool pictures. You are a positive inspiration…Look forward to hearing from you…Al

  3. Thanks! I appreciate your kind words 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I am suffering from Hypothyroidism.How can I benefit from Nutritarian diet because most of those green leafy vegetables are considered bad for thyroid health and even fruits like strawberries,pears etc.

    • Hi there! Here is an interesting article that tackles your question.

      “Concerns about potential effects of cruciferous vegetables on thyroid function arose from animal studies, followed by findings suggesting that certain breakdown products of glucosinolates could interfere with thyroid hormone synthesis or compete with iodine for uptake by the thyroid. However, this is only a hypothetical issue. The scientific consensus is that cruciferous vegetables could only be detrimental to thyroid function in cases of iodine deficiency or insufficient iodine intake.”

      What’s more, according to Dr. Fuhrman – “No human study has demonstrated a deficiency in thyroid function from consuming cruciferous vegetables.”

  5. Hi Isa,

    Stumbled across your webisite. I am wondering if you are still active as a coach? I administrate my husband’s primary care practice. We follow J. Fuhrman and I do T Tapp too! I am considering trying to find a trainer to train our patients in T Tapp. I think it is one of the best work outs we can recommend.


    Carol Crevier, RN MPH

  6. Wondering if there are any trapped classes in the Glenwood springs, co area. Watched the program on PBS and would love to involve other in my senior netwprk

  7. Hi Isa
    do you do any workouts in Toronto as I live in the downtown area. thanks for your help!

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