Nutrition Training

I provide One-on-One Coaching, Group Coaching, Group Classes/Seminars, Cooking Instruction, Telephone/Long Distance Coaching, Skype coaching and specialized sessions in your home or grocery store.

Why do you need this? Your life depends on it!

An overwhelming amount of scientific evidence demonstrates the powerful effects of nutrition to protect against disease or, conversely, to create disease. It is becoming more and more obvious that understanding the benefits of a high-nutrient diet is the means to recovering our health and healthcare systems.

Superior nutrition defines a diet-style that maximizes the beneficial health promoting effects of eating a variety of micronutrient-rich natural foods. To assure superior nutrition, individuals must understand their own unique nutritional needs. From there the quality of an individual’s diet must be increased accordingly to experience the most profound therapeutic effects for preventing, treating and reversing disease.

Once the focus is on consuming more micronutrient-rich natural foods, the other important nutritional benefits automatically follow: lower sodium, reduced calories, high fiber, high volume of food, satiety, a low glycemic index, and a high phytochemical index. As this shift takes place, people are able to win back and take control of their health destiny.

A nutritarian is a person who:

  • understands that food has powerful disease–protecting and therapeutic effects
  • seeks to consume a broad array of micronutrients via their food choices
  • strives for superior nutrition

Let’s get started!  More details on my 8 week coaching plan here.

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