Cooking Classes

Individual or Group Classes offered to help you master the Nutritarian way of eating.

Using recipes that suit your tastes we’ll show you that eating can be flavourful and exciting…not like other diets! I’ll show you tricks that have helped me add more flavour without harmful salt or oils to recipes too.

We also offer menu planning and cooking guidance to set you up for success one week at a time.

2 responses to “Cooking Classes

  1. Hi Isa,

    I am interested in finding out about cooking classes you offer. I read Eat To Live a few years ago but I need help putting the diet into practice.

    Please let me know when and where you offer classes as well as how much they cost.


    • Hi Akash,

      Are you in the GTA?

      I’m going to be setting up a class in Mississauga in the near future.

      I’ll post it on here as soon as the details are finalized.


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