What is T-Tapp?

When I embarked on my journey of healthy eating and weight loss I was lost when it came to exercise.  I wasn’t consistent and I was trying a variety of things.  As a busy mom I felt I HAD to give T-Tapp a try because it was about working smarter, not harder.  Well, the rest is history.  I fell in love with the workout and became a trainer to help share this wonderful workout with others.

5 responses to “What is T-Tapp?

  1. I would like more information about your T-Tapp fittness…

    Thank you,
    Amy Garcia

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been following a Nutritarian lifestyle for 7 months and am interested in some excercise since I’ve lost 60 lbs.

  3. hey, jus wanted 2 wish u luck on ur wgheit loss journey. i jus subscribed so will be following you, looking foreward to seeing your progress. jus started one myself, so if u have a sec. check out my page and if ur interested subscribe and we can do this together

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