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Apple Cinnamon Raw Buckwheat Granola

I like having granola as a breakfast option when I’m away from home and can’t make smoothies. My son likes my granola as a snack.

I made this variation before a camping trip and it was tasty.

1lb raw buckwheat groats…soak for 3 hrs, rinse and change the water every 30 mins
10 mejdool dates
1/4 cup water
2 apples, peeled
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds, soaked for one hour
1/2 cup almonds, soaked for one hour, peeled then chopped

Combine the dates, water, apples and cinnamon in a blender and puree until smooth.

Mix the puree with the drained groats, nuts and seeds.

Dehydrate at 105 until dry throughout and crispy. Store in an airtight container.

Let me know if you try this!

Goan Veggie Curry – Caldeen

I love food and I love talking about food. That was the case this past weekend when I met someone who has family from Goa. We started talking about nutritarian eating and she mentioned Caldeen also known as Caldin. It’s interesting because the name stems from the Portuguese word “caldinho” which means broth or soup.

I googled it and it’s a mildly spiced, coconut curry that stems from Goa. It is traditionally made with fish or seafood but can be easily adapted into a vegetarian dish and is a tasty nutritarian dish too!

Here’s what I did to make this tasty curry.

Caldeen – Goan Veggie Curry
2 medium sized onion chopped finely
2 green chilies chopped finely or 1 pickled jalapeno pepper, chopped
1 tbsp garlic
1 tsp ginger powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp ground coriander seed
1 can coconut milk
1 cup green peas
1 cup green beans, cut up
1 cauliflower cut into florets,
4 potatoes, peeled and cubed
3 carrots, chopped

Prepare the potatoes and carrots then boil them in water. When the potatoes are almost done add the cauliflower until it’s al-dente. Drain and set aside.

Sauté the onion in a non-stick pan using water when necessary until golden and soft. Add the garlic, pepper and spices and saute a little more. Add the green peas and green beans and cook a bit. Add the coconut milk, stir well then add the cooked potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.

Simmer until everything is incorporated. For a little more heat add some hot sauce if desired.

If you want to serve this over rice leave it a little saucy. If you want to eat it alone then simmer until a bit drier.



Nutritarian Lemon Bars aka Joan’s Bars

These will be called Joan’s Bars because it’s thanks to her that I ended up finding and tweaking this recipe to make it possible. I love a challenge and when she asked me if I had a recipe for lemon bars I knew I had to find something good and I did!

This recipe is based on this recipe with a tweak or two.

My photography skills aren’t as good but thankfully I make up for it in the kitchen 🙂

I also learned a new trick…how to make coconut butter. I hadn’t really realised it was that easy but I’m looking forward to making it again to try to duplicate Artisana’s Cacao Bliss too.

Joan’s Bars

For the crust:
1 cup pitted dates (about 10 mejdool dates)
3/4 cups raw almonds or cashews
3/4 oatmeal flakes
1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

For the Lemon Filling:

1 1/2 cup almond milk
1 cup pitted dates
juice and zest of 3 organic lemons
1 tsp vanilla extract or the seeds from one vanilla bean
1 cup coconut butter (made from 3 cups shredded unsweetened coconut)


Start off by placing 3 cups of shredded unsweeted coconut in your food processor and run it for up to 20 minutes until you get a liquidy coconut butter. Scrape down the sides once in a while. Remove it from the food processor and you should end up with about one cup of coconut butter. Set aside.

Make the crust by putting the nuts, oatmeal and coconut in the food processor and run it until everything is finely combined. Add the dates and process until the dates are broken down and when you pinch the mixture between your fingers you have a sticky dough. You can add another date or two if you need it or a teaspoon of water. You need to be able to press it together and it has to stick.

Line the bottom of a square dish with wax paper and leave some hanging over the sides. If you use a silicon square then don’t worry, you can skip this step and pop the mix out later but be sure to put the silicon dish on a flat tray for easy transporting in and out of the freezer.

Put this in the fridge or freezer while you make the filling.

For the filling put everything into the Vitamix except for the coconut butter and process it until it is all smooth. Add the coconut butter and process until it is creamy. Pour this out over the crust and smooth it with a spatula.

Put it into the freezer overnight and let it sit overnight. The next day pop it out of the silicon mold or remove it from the square dish using the wax paper sides to lift it out. Cut it into 16 squares and let it sit out of the freezer before serving for an hour or leave it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it if you need it later in the day.

I hope you try this and enjoy it.