Busy? Overwhelmed? Losing control of your healthy habits?

It’s easy to over-commit and be too busy or feel overwhelmed with so many different things pulling us in different directions.  Family, work, hobbies and even technology will quickly fill up your free time.  If you’re too tired by the end of the day or too sleepy in the morning to commit any time to putting yourself first it’s easy to put off exercise or even planning your meals.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new program or feel like you’re losing control of your healthy habits being busy doesn’t help.  The next step is probably some form of negative self-talk regarding your laziness or hopelessness…sound familiar.

I wish I could snap my finger and just get back on track sometimes and I wish I could do it for you too.  Looking back it’s not always been a smooth and straight journey.  I’ve fallen off the wagon and I’ve had weeks of terrible eating and no exercise too.  I’m also my worst critic.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today and really my first thought was BREATHE! That’s right, take a deep breath.  Let the air flow in.

Ok, now forgive yourself and realize you own this.  You have two choices…own it and create the solution or be the victim and keep beating yourself up.  Forget the all or nothing approach and look at what steps you can take.  Don’t judge just think.  Can you take a walk? Can you add some more veggies to your lunch or dinner.  Can you set aside 15 minutes for yourself?

If you can, then do it and think how great it is that you did that. Reframe it and see it for the positive step that it is.  Don’t give up because you could only do 15 minutes of exercise or 10 or 5…celebrate it.

You can lose weight and you can be healthy.  Each step you take is a step in the right direction.  When you’re ready to take the next step then go for it and build on the success and the momentum.  I’m here to support you along the way too…you’re not alone in this.

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