But I’ll Starve Won’t I?

This is often a question I hear when people learn about what you eat on when following the diet on Eat To Live – For Fast and Sustained Weightloss. Funny enough it’s very well the opposite. After getting through detox and no longer feeling toxic hunger it is an awesome feeling to not get the rumbling tummy and light headed or shakiness we usually associated with hunger.

You see, when you eat toxic you are toxic and that “hunger” isn’t really hunger but it’s detox and withdrawal from the toxic foods you’re eating on a regular Standard American Diet (SAD). When you clean up your diet and detox from the SAD foods, you go from feeling gross to feeling boundless energy, mental clarify and a sense of freedom from food traps.

The key to this freedom is to focus on getting the most nutrients for your caloric buck. You want to focus on eating as many high nutrient foods as possible each time you have a meal. The icing on the cake is that you’ll feel full from all the fibre and nutrients even though you’re eating lower calories than the SAD meals you used to have.

This gives your body the nutrients it needs and it feels satisfied with less. Your body breathes a sigh of relief and can relax and rebuild/heal because you’re not constantly eating and digesting food AND you’re no longer over-fed and undernourised too!

A great article on nutrient density can be found here on Dr. Fuhrman’s site

What do you think? Are you afraid of feeling hunger when contemplating a change to your diet?

Dr. Fuhrman

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