Cancer fighting crackers

I’ve been having fun using my dehydrator and trying raw bread and cracker recipes over the past year.  A recent blog entry by Dr. Fuhrman about fighting breast cancer with flax seeds gave me the incentive to make flax crackers.  Dr. Fuhrman’s post says:

Flaxseeds are clearly super foods; even with a mediocre diet they offer powerful protection against certain types of breast cancer. Another interesting study on flax followed women for up to 10 years and found a 51% reduced risk of all-cause mortality and a 71% reduced risk of breast cancer mortality.

So here is a recipe for raw flax crackers you can make in a dehydrator as a tasty way to boost your consumption of flax seeds.  If it’s a cancer fighting recipe then it’s worth a try! [gmc_recipe 250]

Enjoy these as a snack or when a craving for chips strikes.  I’m planning on making some salsa to enjoy with these during the holidays.


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