Can’t stick to a weight loss diet for lack of willpower?

How often does someone say, “I can’t go on a diet, I have no willpower”?  Or you hear someone say, “You’re so good sticking to your diet! You must have strong willpower!” Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be all about willpower.  Isn’t that so freeing?

How many diets have you tried where the only way you could stick to them was by sheer willpower alone? They were boring or so restrictive that you’d be afraid you’d eat a small child if they smelled good and got too close.

What if you could eat all you wanted, feel full and still lose weight?  Does it sound too good to be true?  I know it’s true!  I love food and I love eating so I can’t starve myself and go on a restrictive diet.  That’s too hard!

If you aim for a diet similar to what Dr. Fuhrman outlines in Eat to Live it is a very different journey.  You will lose weight fast and you will need some commitment because it’s not as easy as just whipping up a shake or eating something out of a box however it is a huge boost to your health and well being.

Imagine a weight loss diet that is not just a temporary fix.  How many quick fix  diets help prevent cancer and heart disease, reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol and offer many other benefits while helping you lose weight?  For me and many other success stories this was the solution and it took the stress away from weight loss.  I made sure I ate the right way and entrusted my body to take care of the rest.

The powerful information that Dr. Fuhrman presents in his books gives you the knowledge you need to support your decision to follow a plant-strong diet.  With the power of this knowledge you may find that you don’t need willpower to stick to it because you KNOW how good this nutrient dense food is for you and this isn’t a quick’s a true plan for increased health protection for life!

An easy question you can ask yourself before choosing something to eat is “Is this meal nutrient dense?”

Want a taste of what a plant-based, whole food diet is all about, grab your copy of my free e-book! It even has a week planned out for you!


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