Don’t Fret Slow Loser – Part 2

A month ago I posted some advice and tips on what to look for that isn’t working in your plan to lose weight. This time I want to focus on your attitude and your thinking.

In addition to doing the right things, I want to you take a look at what’s rolling around in your head.

– Are you convinced that this is a quick fix and that you just have to grin and bear it while you reach your weight loss goal then celebrate the smaller you with a celebratory meal? If you’re just focusing on fast results and aren’t focusing on your overall health and wellbeing maybe it’s a bigger let down when the scale doesn’t move fast enough. I’d like to suggest that you focus on a plan that will sustain rather than hinder your health. Is this something you could do for the rest of your life? When you are eating a clean, nutritarian diet you’re getting so much more out of it than just weight loss. Your health will improve, your weight will drop and you’ll feel great too.

– Do you trust your body? I know that sounds odd, but are you fighting your body every step of the way? Are you mad at your body for betraying you and are you pushing it too hard? How about you promise to provide your body with the healthy food and movement it needs and trust that your body will turn on it’s natural healing ability and shed the unnecessary fat?

– Are you competing against someone or doing this to prove something to someone? That is a negative mindset and I’m not convinced it will give you the boost you need to remain consistent and in the right frame of mind when faced with a challenge. Why are you doing this? Make a list of the positives reasons why you are doing this and post it in a visible area. Refer to it so you can remind yourself.

– Are you putting yourself first? Are you feeling guilty about taking the extra time for yourself to step away from your family or duties to exercise and plan your meals? Are your workouts happening haphazardly when you find the time or are you making time for them?

– Where is your support system? Are your friends and family available for you to talk to? Do you have a workout buddy that you can check in with each day or week to keep each other on track? Is your family bringing food into the house that sabotages your efforts?

– Do you love yourself? Don’t wait until you’re smaller or firmer to love yourself. You need to love yourself now before you are able to take good care of yourself. Do you get that? How can you become healthier and better if you hate yourself. What kind of care will you provide for yourself if you can’t embrace where you are now? OWN IT. Don’t hate yourself. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and for whatever shape you’re in now and move forward.

– Do you think losing weight is hard and near impossible? If you believe it you will receive it. Why not do some work on changing that mindset? Look at the overall downward trend and the progress rather than the weekly number.

That’s it. I’m sure there are a lot more things that float through your mind and make this process seem so much harder but I’d like you to examine where your head is in this game and tweaking some of the negative thoughts that pop into your head.

This is a journey and you’ll get there one step at a time. Enjoy the journey and see it as a way to love yourself and let the magic happen.

I’d love to know what is on your mind. Send me a message!!

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Don’t Fret Slow Loser – Part 1

Yeah…you step on the scale expecting to see that your hard work has paid off only to discover that you haven’t lost anything in two weeks. Sound familiar? It’s familiar to me and I recall having months where I’d lose one pound in a whole month. I’d say to my husband “I’m going to be fat forever!” or I’d tell others how hard I was working and there must be something wrong with me because I’m not losing two pounds a week.

It’s not a happy moment when the scale doesn’t reward you for all your hard work but this is where you really need to take stock of what you’re doing and change your plan or your thinking.

First things first. Take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world if you are truly doing everything perfect and you are a slow loser. Overall downward trend is what counts…it’s not a race!

Now let’s tackle your plan first. Here are a few areas to examine in no particular order:

– Are you hydrated enough? Sipping coffee or diet soda all day doesn’t cut it. Are you drinking enough water. I’m not going to suggest a magical formula but take a look at what you’re drinking instead of water and replace it with more water. You shouldn’t be having any caffeine anyway…it makes you hungry and harder to stick to your plan.

– Are you sleeping enough? What makes you think that burning the candle at both ends is going to serve you well? GET YOUR SLEEP! Your body is a machine and you need to get your sleep in order to let your body do it’s thing. If you’ve changed your diet and you’re exercising to be healthy then don’t skimp out on the rest of the stuff that adds up to good health. I used to go to bed at nearly 1am every morning then pop Tylenol every day. Now I aim to be in bed by 10pm because I don’t want to rely on Tylenol and I want to be healthy. Make sense? Good.

– Are you eating enough? You shouldn’t starve yourself. Your body needs good fuel and enough fuel. If you’ve just come off a juice fast/cleanse or some sort of severe calorie restriction your metabolism will slow down. A slow metabolism isn’t the end of the world. You will lose slowly but this is where you need to be sure you’re focusing on healthy food so you’re rebuilding your health and immunity rather than just following the latest fad diet. It’s not just about being a certain weight or a certain size…focus on getting healthy and building a strong body.

– Has your recent exercise caused you to build some muscle? If so then don’t worry. Skip the scale and try focusing on how your clothes fit or your measurements. The good news is that you may be burning fat and building muscle so the pounds cancel each other out but you should be seeing results on your body because one pound of fat takes up about 7 times more space then one pound of muscle.

– Are you eating too much? Wake up call! You may think you’re following your plan perfectly but are you really? I don’t mean to offend you however it’s happened to me. I get cocky and eyeball quantities of nuts, servings and ingredients in recipes only to find that my progress slowed. Take a good look at what you’re eating. Are extras sneaking in? A nibble here, a taste there can add up. Try keeping a food journal if you’re not aware of what you’re eating.

If food is so tasty that you’re eating extra servings then take a break and make some more basic food for a while to switch to food as fuel rather than food as a big source of pleasure. Alternatively you can increase the veggies and take a smaller serving of the stew…use it as an enhancement to the veggies rather then the centre-point of the meal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your serving sizes may have been fine when you first started losing weight but the lighter/smaller you may need less food now. Eat until you’re no longer hungry but you can’t feel your stomach. If you’re moving away from the table and you’re stuffed then you’re eating too much. Play around with serving sizes to see what works for you.

– Are you exercising/moving your body? Don’t just reserve your activity each day to your daily workout. Break up the sedentary portions of your day with a walk or going up and down the stairs at work. Find ways to be more active. If you haven’t started an exercise program then what are you waiting for?

– If your plan allows for 80% on plan food and 20% indulgence then are you ready for 100% on plan? Giving it 100% may be the nudge your body needs to break through the slow losses or a plateau. And that 20% indulgence may be a bit more if you’re not fully aware of what you’re eating.

Alright…that’s enough for now. I’ll tackle the changes to your thinking next post.

Try reviewing your plan and making some tweaks to see if they help. I’d love to hear what you’re going through and what you’re planning on tackling.

Remember…it’s not the end of the world if you’re a slow loser. A slow metabolism means your body is aging slower…there’s an upside 🙂

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Dear Body…I’m Sorry

My Dear Body,

I think this is long overdue.  I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and what you allow me to do each and every day.  Without you I wouldn’t have the two lovely sons that I was able to carry and lovingly feel kicking and moving.  The resulting stretch marks don’t seem so bad when I think of how they got there.  I’m sorry for hating that part of you.  I will consider them my tiger stripes and wear my battle wounds with pride. 

Thank you for the awesome legs that have allowed me to walk and hike around in amazing places and even climb a rock or two.  Without them I’d never have been able to experience the magic of Costa Rica’s cloud forest or the beautiful scenery of the Bruce Trail.  Without them I wouldn’t be able to dance my little heart out even if it’s just me doing so in the kitchen.  It’s ok if they aren’t as smooth as I wished sometimes because they are strong and powerful.

Thank you for my arms which allowed me to hold my babies close and hug them when they needed a hug.  Who cares if they aren’t perfect?  They are more than just parts to focus and stress about.  They are a way for me to demonstrate my love.

I could go on and mention each part that I’ve hated or tried to change over the years but really I just want to thank you for everything and I vow to love each part of you whether or not I’m perfect or meet a specific standard.  I am more than just some parts and in reality no one but me is obsessed with how they should or shouldn’t look.

I promise to take care of you and treat you well so we can have more awesome adventures in the years to come.  I choose you just the way you are and I release any ill feelings towards you.  You haven’t betrayed me, I’ve betrayed you at times by ignoring you and you deserve more than that.  I’ll do my thing and I trust that you’ll do what you need to do to keep me healthy and strong.  We’ve been together all these years, it’s time we love each other.

Yours truly,

My Mind

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