A special message to all the busy moms out there

Hi to my fellow busy moms!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written something other than sharing a recipe but I feel inspired and I want to also send along warm wishes to all the moms who cross my path for a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I’ve also got a treat for you so read on!

As moms, caregivers, mothers, aunts, grandmas etc., we often put everyone else first.  I did this for many years and still do on many levels.  What took me a long time to get used to was to take time out for ME to take care of ME.  My kids were small, I was overweight and miserable and I didn’t want to leave my house much less put on a bathing suit and frolic with my kids in the water.  I ached and I felt old.  Every day it was the same hustle and bustle:

  • rush around getting everyone sorted out
  • making sure there was dinner planned
  • making sure homework got done
  • double checking that no one would leave the house with messy clothing ((gasp))
  •  keeping everything running
  • cleaning up

And after all that was done there was the usual plop onto the couch and a treat because I’d had a rough day.  I deserved it and I needed that reward.  If you’d ask me back then I’d probably come up with excuses as to why I weighed over 200lbs (although I probably didn’t know how much I weighed) and they made perfect sense to me.

Then I got fed up…are you fed up? (Well, hopefully not fed up with this post but I mean are you tired of being sick and tired?) I had to buy an outfit for my company Christmas party and nothing looked good.  I still hate the picture of me in that outfit.  I decided to make a change.  It started with changing how I was eating.  It start with Eat to Live.  That added some planning and time in the kitchen to cook my meals along with my family’s meals but it was worth it and I’m pretty good at multi-tasking in the kitchen.  Maybe less couch time too.

Things went well and I felt better.  But when it came time to devote to exercise it was harder.  I needed to carve out some real time to get it done.  Luckily I found T-Tapp and if I was really busy I could commit to just 15 minutes.  Sometimes it was hard to be able to focus and not be interrupted but it was a decision to put myself first and at times it felt selfish…but we deserve it and we need it!

After many years and a great deal of transformation I’m still a work in progress and I think we all are until the day we take our last breath.  But you know what…I’m so happy when I am able to help someone else break out of their rut and I love it when I hear busy moms tell me how great they feel or how well things are going with the exercise or eating plan even though it feels like everything else is going crazy around them.

As moms we will always deal with the worries and the duties that never seem to end but I know for a fact that when we take the time to put ourselves first even if it’s only for 15 minutes each day our family benefits.

This Mother’s Day I’ll be busy most of the day at a show and my biggest wish is to offer some hope and encouragement to some moms I will have the pleasure of meeting and chatting with.  I won’t see my boys until later in the evening but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

As a special gift to all the busy moms that cross my path tomorrow and those who read this blog post I’d like to extend these special offers to you as a thank you for following/liking/reading anything I put out there.  I would love to help you get your transformation started and help you with your weight loss or exercise goals.

A big high five to all the busy moms out there!! Have a fabulous Mother’s Day…lots of love from me to you! Enjoy the special offers too!

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The workout everyone needs!

Phew…I just finished doing the Senior Fit workout. Let me tell you…it is certainly not just for seniors! Someone said it should be called Super Fit and I agree. This workout looks so easy and you may be fooled because Berei is in her 80’s and she’s doing it with a smile but the joke’s on you when you are feeling sweat drip down your back and you’ve only just begun!

Here’s the description from the T-Tapp website:

Senior Fit is NOT just for Seniors! Teresa Tapp created this special Brain-Body Fitness Workout to help everyone maximize muscle activation, circulation and lymphatic health, regardless of age. Every exercise of mindful movement within Senior Fit is designed to improve strength, flexibility and heart health, as well as increase energy and decrease inflammation. Its special sequence of mindful movements combined with leverage isometrics will help your body rebuild from the inside out, improve posture and build better balance. No weights, no equipment, no impact and no need to increase sets or repetitions… this progressive workout delivers MORE results in LESS time and will continue to challenge as you get stronger and more flexible. Senior Fit is the workout that helps you stand taller, look and feel better so that Yes You Can be Fit and Fab Forever!

Seriously…it delivers all that!

Ready to give it a try? It’s on sale this month so grab it and get going!

I’ll just sit here a little longer until my legs and arms no longer feel like jelly 🙂

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Operation Look Good for Prom was a Success!

I don’t know what happened but this post never was posted.  I stumbled upon it today when planning to write a new post and I just knew that I couldn’t let this one slip by.  It was supposed to come out in June.  I realize it is now November and he has since moved out into residence in university and is doing well.  He has become a vegetarian since moving away and is conscious trying to make the best food choices possible on campus and bringing fresh fruit and veggies back with him when he visits home.

Now pretend it’s June and enjoy!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son! What a big day.  He finished high school yesterday and his future is looking bright.  We’re so proud of you!

My son finished the T-Tapp challenge last week and I’m so proud that he lost 12.25 inches.  Four inches off his waist alone!  We didn’t weigh in before or after because we wanted the focus to be on wellness.

The biggest success was that he wants to continue committed to his health and eating a nutritarian diet while continuing with T-Tapp.  Here’s a picture of him all dressed up and me, the proud mom…I look more thrilled and it wasn’t even my prom!
Owly Images

Here are some questions I asked him…

Overall what was the hardest part of this past two months – Not being able to eat what I wanted all the time.

When you ate junk or processed foods how did you feel? – I felt fine until the next day! (He ended up with stomach and digestive issues or headaches on some Mondays after we had some family parties)

Compared to other exercises you’ve done, how did you feel about T-Tapp? – It’s crazy! Definately one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done.  I had a hard time keeping my form.

Were you impressed with how good it was? – Yeah I felt great all the time.

What advice do you have for someone thinking of eating like a nutritarian or starting T-Tapp? – Stick with it.  It’s going to be tough the first week or so but then it’s worth it.  Make sure you have a workout buddy.

Personally I had a wonderful time sharing recipes and food with my son.  It was very fun exercising with him too.  After doing this alone at home for so long, it was a very welcome change.

If you’re considering starting either T-Tapp or eating like a nutritarian and following Dr. Fuhrman’s advice, let me know!  Join me on facebook and share your thoughts.

Dr. Fuhrman

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