Too overwhelmed to even consider starting a diet?

This happens…so much going on and no matter what you do you can’t even start or stick to a diet.  You cry, you get mad at yourself and you consider yourself a failure. Have you decided that you aren’t ready or life is too busy to overhaul your kitchen and start eating clean?

Does this make you feel doomed and hopeless? It’s so hard.  We read everything we can get our hands on about diets and have lofty plans but life happens.  If you’re trying the all or nothing approach and it’s causing you to fail then I’ve got something for you to try for now.

Take a breath.

Forget everything you should be doing and aim for one pound of raw veggies and one pound of cooked veggies every day.  That’s it. If you’d like add a few pieces of fruit too.  That’s it.  Get those nutrients in.

No blame, no guilt.  Don’t reach for anything else if you haven’t added those veggies.

How can you do this? A huge salad before dinner and maybe the cooked veggies at lunch with whatever else you’re eating will do it. Give it a try and once you’re getting those nutrients into your body you might start feeling better and more equiped to make other changes.

I know the dilema we face when our biggest problem is food addiction.  You can’t just stop eating and take on another habit…you have to eat! Three times a day you have to face your biggest enemy and it can be overwhelming.

Give this a try and let me know how you’re doing.  I care about you and want you to feel fantastic.

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What do you really, really want?

Have you thought of it lately?

Sometimes we’re unhappy about our current situation however we’re not exactly sure what we want either…sound familiar or is it just me?  I’m so busy focussing on what I don’t want that I end up getting more of that because that’s all I’m thinking of.

I’m super excited about a program that I’ll be doing in March and it really has me thinking about what I want.  What possibilities do I want and all that.  I’m even jotting things down so I won’t forget. 

It’s amazing to actually devote some time to that rather than being swept away in the river of what I don’t want. 

So this got me thinking about you…what do you want??

Let me know…I’m curious!!

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Getting in Touch with Your Hunger

I’ve written about this in the past and I’m ready to tackle a bit more.  Do you eat when the clock strikes 12 or do you wait until you’re hungry?  What does hungry feel like?  Depending on how you eat, the answer may be quite different.

When I was a teen I’d shake and get a very grumbly stomach if I didn’t eat at the proper times.  You know the symptoms…weak, shaky, grumbly, headachy…need I go on?  We’d describe that as hunger wouldn’t we?

Do you know that true hunger is felt in the throat and mouth? Yep…that’s what Dr. Furhman says and I have lived and experienced this for 8 years.  He describes this as true hunger rather than toxic hunger which most of us grew up thinking was hunger.  I’ll get toxic hunger if I’ve had a wild weekend or a few coffees but most of the times I am free from the symptoms of toxic hunger and I eat when I’m hungry rather than just because 12 is on the clock.

How about you?  When do you eat? Is it at set times because you won’t be able to eat later?  Do you ever feel hungry or do you eat in response to emotional triggers and you’re pretty much full most of the day?

Here’s a little exercise.  Each time you eat I want you to review why you’re eating.  Is it true hunger or some other trigger?  If you’re not really hungry, do you need to eat what you’re about to eat?  If you are hungry, is it truly the most nutritious option for you at this time? 

Start thinking about that and make a mental note or keep a journal if you’re trying to work on this more.  I’d love to hear if just increasing your awareness has made a difference for you.  Let me know!

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