Cocoa Chia Pudding

Every once in a while I miss Tapioca pudding.  I know that sounds strange but I do.  I decided to try to make chia pudding as a substitute and I loved it.  It was quite an adventure because I made the almond milk to go with it from scratch too!  With a bit of planning you can make your own too.

This pudding is tasty and it is nutrient rich rather than a useless empty calorie treat.  So impressive if you check out the benefits of chia pudding!

For the almond milk I soaked 1 cup almonds for over 8 hrs then I rinsed them and blended them with four cups water then strained it and added a splash of vanilla.

For the pudding I  followed this recipe

I stirred it together and put it in the fridge.

It’s amazing how it looks so different once it has been sitting for a while.

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