Do you have the power?

Are you honestly feeding your body or are you just filling it?

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I know.  Sounds pretty intense but do you really have the power to fulfill all the daily tasks you need to and have extra energy to take on the world?

If this sounds too good to be true then you seriously need to have a look at how well you’re treating yourself.  What kind of fuel are you providing for your body and how high quality is it?

You wouldn’t put awful fuel in your car if you wanted it to run properly and last long so why are you not doing the same for your body?  You need good quality fuel and in a quantity that will sustain your body’s needs.

It’s not only about the quantity of the carbs, fat and protein.  How high is your fruit and veggie intake on a consistent basis?  Many are over-fed but under nourished.  Aim for 10 servings of fruits and veggies daily…you owe this to yourself. This will give you an energy boost, natural vitality and healing too.

Once you have filled up your body with the wonderful micronutrients it needs then chances are you’ll feel better, ache less and perhaps you’ll no longer feel so foggy.  If you aim for those extra fruits and veggies then chances are you’ll also experience another wonderful side effect…you’ll lose weight too!

So often everyone is jumping on to the lastest energy drink or magic pill but you should really try to improve what you eat rather than keep eating a standard diet and supplementing with the lastest hot product that really seems too good to be true.

My free e-book can help you introduce more plant-strong foods into your diet.  Give it a whirl for six weeks and see how you feel!


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