Enjoying the Holidays as a Nutritarian

Maybe you’re ok as a nutritarian as long as you stay close to home and don’t engage in any social activities but now isn’t the time to be a hermit!  Enjoy yourself by focusing on people and fun rather than making food the main attraction at a party.

Here are some tips for surviving a party as a nutritarian:

One important thing is to make sure you get your necessary nutrients…eat your greens, fruits and veggies before going to the party if you think there may be a little over indulgence.  This allows for some wiggle room if you plan on eating some bean and grain based dishes at the party.

Workout that day before the party.  This will keep your mind in the game.  You’ll be better prepared to stick  to your game if you exercised.  You don’t want to undo all that hard work do you?

Take something nutritarian with you…how about packing a hummus and veggie combo or bringing along a side dish or entree that you can share?

Drink soda water with a splash of pomegranate or cranberry juice for a festive look.  That way you won’t feel left out.  A little lemon or lime in soda is also tasty.  If you want to indulge in some wine then make it last longer by having a spritzer which is wine mixed with soda.

Schmooze!…stay far away from the food and really connect with people.  Talk to them and get to know them.  You’d be amazed at how much they’ll open up if you ask them to talk about themselves!

Dance!..If you’re lucky enough to be at a party that has music and a dance floor then take part!  I love dancing and for me the success of the party depends on how good the dancing was…the focus has shifted entirely away from food.

If someone insists you taste something and you really want to then take one or two bites only…the first and the last taste are always the best…the rest is just filler!

If someone questions you about your food choices tell them your doctor told you to eat this way and you’ve been feeling very good so you’re going to continue for a while….don’t get preachy and don’t talk too much about it.  At parties people sometimes feel threatened if someone is eating healthy while they are not…it’s not a good time to spread the good information you know about nutritarian living.

If you screw it all up and eat much more than you’d planned or eat things that aren’t nutritarian DON’T make that a stumbling block…dust yourself off and continue your nutritarian eating at the next meal.  Don’t let it be an excuse to allow this to happen for the rest of the holiday season until the new year.

If you’re feeling very full don’t forget to try the move called hoe-downs that you can find here!  It can lower blood sugar and help your digestion.  Trust me! I’ve don’t lots of hoe-downs in my Mom’s kitchen!!

Your health is worth it and each day you eat as a nutritarian the better the chances of you staying healthy and reaching your goals faster.

Have a wonderful time out there and dance!!!

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