Fight Diabetes with your Fork

Can you help me? If you’re in the GTA and would like to help please let me know!

I’m working on a project to help the community and I’ve chosen diabetes awareness and improvement through healthy eating.

I’d like to host a lecture/food demo that encourages and inspires people with diabetes or pre-diabetes to incorporate healthier food choices to help them prevent or control their diabetes better.

By way of background I’m a certified T-Tapp trainer and a certified nutritional education trainer through Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I’ve personally lost almost 80lbs over the last 8 years and I’d like to incorporate some of this nutritional science into my talk/demo.

I’m reaching out to you for assistance in how to reach out the diabetes community and for a contact who might lead me in the right direction when it comes to possible leads for a venue or support in a project for the community.

I appreciate your assistance!

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