Follow Your Internal Cues for Weight Loss

Are you like Pavlov’s dog and you salivate when you notice it’s “Lunch Time” or do you eat when you are truly hungry?

Does a bad day make you sit on the couch and eat without even noticing what you’re eating or how much?

Lots of people have lost touch of their true cues for hunger.  We’re triggered by external events rather than really checking in and seeing if we’re hungry.

How can you switch that?

I’d like to say it’s easy and at the snap of your fingers it’s done but the best way to start is to become aware of what you’re feeling when you’re about to eat and ask yourself if you’re hungry or responding to something.  Eating slow enough so you really enjoy each bite and savour the food and have time to feel full without feeling overstuffed.

Try that…see how it’s going…there are great options available for journaling your eating experience, emotions etc but let’s start with becoming more aware.

More on this subject later.

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