Forget the all or nothing mentality with eating or exercise

So many times I’d beat myself up because I didn’t do all 57 things (exaggeration) I’d planned to do perfectly and because I didn’t I’d also give in to temptation or give up because I wasn’t perfect.  Does that sound familiar? Sometimes people are hesitant to try a new program for exercise or a improving their eating because they can’t be perfect.

How about you dip your feet in and take some steps in the right direction? Have more fruits or veggies in your meals, have a meatless day once a week, take a walk, do 10 minutes of the exercise video, think twice before eating that 2nd cookie…you name it.  Small steps count too! Changes to eating or exercise plans aren’t always easy.

Take the steps you can handle now and build on them.  Once you’re comfortable try the next step.  When I started following a plant-based, whole foods diet based on the advise in Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman I still added some salt, still drank coffee with skim milk and artificial sweetener (gasp!) and still used commercial dressings.  Those things made the difference for me and I was able to follow everything else he advised.  Once I was ready I took steps to eliminate the skim milk then a while later the salt etc etc.

I’m far from perfect but those steps helped me with the overall huge improvements I made into my life.  I still slip, I still crash and burn but overall it’s the big picture that I see.  I’ve had ups and downs but overall this is working and I’m glad I took the plunge.

How about you? Are you ready to dip your foot in or do you want to take the plunge?

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