How do you find a moment of peace?

Oh man…life can be so hectic and you’re pushed and pulled in so many directions.  You can’t stop worrying and wish you had more hours in the day to get everything done.  You’re busy taking care of everyone and you’re exhausted by the end of the day.

So after all that pushing and pulling where do you find some peace?


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Is it a bubble bath, a meditation CD, a great song or a walk during your lunch hour to reconnect with yourself?  Let’s be honest do you just give in and sit on the couch and watch TV rather than dedicate some time to your workout?

We all know how good it is to exercise but there are times we skip it because it feels too overwhelming and we don’t want to do it because we’re too tired.  But stop for a minute and think of how great you feel after your workout.

If you can’t do it all, how about 10 minutes? Yep…maybe even 15 or 20?  Still too much? How about a walk?  Try it…take some deep breaths and smile.  How about asking a friend to join you so you can talk it out.

You will be feeling better after some activity but if that really doesn’t cut it, how about calling someone who makes you feel good and is supportive.  Or asking for help?  Don’t think too much about it…do it.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed and talking to someone.  Let it out.

Finding some peace is so important.  Let go.  Do you really have to take care of everything? Could you lower some of your standards or delegate some of the stuff?

You are important and you don’t have to do it all.  You need to relax and unwind too.  And maybe today you NEED to take a bubble bath instead of doing a workout and if that is your choice…..DON’T beat yourself up about it.  You can workout tomorrow.

Be gentle with yourself if you’re having a hard time and take some time out to centre yourself and plan out your healthy habits for the rest of the week.

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