I love food!

Honestly I think the reason I did so well by following a plant-based, whole food diet is because I love to eat and I can’t just eat a little portion of food frozen in a cardboard box.

It opened up a whole new world of foods and tastes to discover and enjoy.  It’s like a never ending adventure and the icing on the cake is that it helped me lose weight and get healthy at the same time.  Another big bonus is that with the increased nutrients my body is satisfied and I don’t get the shaky and crabby hunger behaviours that most people get from a toxic diet.

I can eat lunch at 12pm and be fine all evening then eat dinner by 8pm…no snacks and no jitters.  That is freedom.

One key thing to remember is to focus on all the wonderful foods you CAN eat rather than what you can’t.  I also tend to avoid certain substitutes since they’re processed…like those veggie burgers made of soy that actually can be loaded with fat and sodium!

A great thing is that after a while your tastes change too and even if you go back to eat something you used to love you may find it too sweet or too salty.  What have you got to lose? hahaha…I dare you to try it!

You can start quickly and easily with my free e-book.

C’mon…do you have it in you?

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