Ignore Those Voices in your Head!

So here we are, another Monday morning and you may have made big plans for today.  It’s the first day of the new you or the start of something fresh.  Or…you tried on a skirt that didn’t fit how it should have and you’re beating yourself up for it.

Which one is it? A bit of both?Or something else all together? But I bet you’re beating yourself up about something.  Am I right?

From time to time we mess up and delay our progress in reaching our goals.  I can certainly relate.  I am far from perfect and I’ve got wonderful excuses for not being where I feel I should be by now.  Those voices in my head are brutal.  My inner dialogue can be so mean and so critical.  But I’m learning to accept them and act in spite of them.

Picture this…you’re driving your car and the radio is on.  The ad on the radio tells you to go to your nearest McDonalds and try the latest burger but you choose to ignore it and you keep driving.  You’re in control.  You don’t need to do what the radio says right?

Imagine that radio is the voice in your head.  It may say you’re lazy or it may say you’re a failure but you’re the driver..you control your life.  What do you want?  Seriously consider what you want and no matter what your voices tell you take a step–take action! You didn’t get here overnight and those steps will not give you instant success but over time they will.

Those voices in your head will continue to tell you stuff but you can keep control of the steering wheel, tell your voices that you’re in charge and keep moving.  Before you know it your skirt may be too loose or you’ll be amazed that you’re feeling better about yourself.

Don’t force the thoughts…acknowledge them, be present to what they’re saying but remember that you’re in control.

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