Is your child’s multivitamin safe? !!Coupon Code!!

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What is in your children’s multivitamin?

Are you sure it’s safe?

NEW Improved taste in a powder form that is easier to dissolve and disguise!
Children’s Multivitamin and Mineral

The all new Pixie Vites will come in a large container as a powdered mix with a small scoop.

Mixes easily with food, water or drink of choice. 1-scoop for children under 4 and 2-scoops for children over 4 and adults.

Improved all natural berry flavor.

New! NO added sugar – kid-friendly wild berry flavor from fruit extracts, not sweeteners.

New! Contains real folate, not folic acid.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Pixie Vites are a great-tasting, high quality, whole food-based, complete children’s multivitamin and mineral supplement. Pixie Vites have a kid-friendly wild berry taste with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors, or preservatives. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals, a blend of 30 fruit and vegetable extracts provide great taste and natural phytochemicals. Children don’t always eat well-balanced meals, but Pixie Vites provide insurance that they get the vital nutrients they need plus extra phytochemical and antioxidant protection.

Pixie Vites are free of common allergens and do not contain isolated vitamin A or beta-carotene — just natural carotenoids from fruit and vegetable extracts. Finally, for optimal quality and safety of this children’s multi, Dr. Fuhrman has replaced folic acid with the natural form of folate.

$5 Off Pixie Vites Children’s Multivitamin with code: PIXIEVITES5

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