Less cellulite and soft, supple skin after weight loss?

One thing that plagues many women is how their skin looks after weight loss.  How do you like the skin on your thighs or your arms? Any concerns about  cellulite?  When I first started T-Tapp I also ordered the CRT brushing system because it sounded great.  I diligently brushed several weeks and then I suddenly stopped and subsequent attempts have been fruitless….until now 🙂

This year part of my goals is to brush consistently! I have seen the results on others such as Charlotte, a fellow T-Tapp trainer who lost 100 lbs, and I know how good it is for your skin and your body.  I know it’s still pretty early but even after just a few days I do notice a difference in my skin.  It is smoother already.

This is great exercise for the skin and helps with toxins and stuff.  Even Dr. Oz agrees that it’s good for you.  On his blog he states:

  • Dry body-brushing daily can activate lymph circulation, which helps clear out toxic debris and stimulate immunity.

That’s pretty neat isn’t it?  At T-Tapp we’re all about moving that lymph and if there is a health benefit to this beauty “routine” then I don’t know why I wasn’t doing it all along.  Oh well…that’s all changing!  It’s pretty fast and easy.  Now I’m doing it every morning and every evening as part of my skin care routine to try to set it up as a habit.  Funny enough…last night I brushed then forgot to wash my face…hahahaha…I never said I was perfect.

See for yourself on the T-Tapp site:

Take care of yourself!


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  1. I love brushing! I love my brush!!
    I have brushed daily for nearly 15 months and I adore it. It makes my skin feel soft and the tingly sensation feels wonderful. Thinking about it I might need some more brushes. I’m on my last one as I change them every 5-6 months (they tend to lose their firmness after a while).
    Thanks for reminding me, I’d better get on to the T-Tapp offices! I can pick them up next week! :))

    1. I always “forget” how great it feels and have a hard time getting back into it. Another bonus is that it makes me feel nice and warm…great during the winter here!

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