Looking for Nutritarian Recipes?

Apart from the recipes that I share here and in my free e-book, I’d like to list some useful websites that also feature nutritarian recipes or recipes that can be easily modified to be nutritarian.  Before we go into that, here are some key steps in making a recipe nutritarian…

1 – Look for plant based, whole food recipes such as vegetarian or vegan recipes that have no processed foods.  Even raw food websites have great ideas to work from.

2. – Eliminate any added salt or added oils or fats.

3. – Look for recipes based on fruits, veggies, beans and greens.  Dressings should be made with vinegar, lemon juice along with nuts or seeds.

Now for the websites:

If you’re a member of Dr. Fuhrman’s Member Center be sure to skim through there for recipe ideas.  In the forum you’ll also find posts from others that will give you ideas too!

My favourites when being a nutritarian wasn’t even a term that anyone used were http://fatfreevegan.com and http://www.fatfree.com because in many cases all I had to do was focus on the vegan recipes and eliminate salt and processed ingredients.  It was pretty easy to get good ideas and to learn what foods and spices went well together.

Now that being a nutritarian is becoming more popular, there are some neat websites out there that have focused on nutritarian recipes such as http://healthygirlskitchen.blogspot.ca and http://amysnutritariankitchen.blogspot.ca/p/recipes.html

Have fun trying new nutritarian recipes and creating your repertoire of favourites so you are armed with fresh ideas and don’t get bored.  But remember to keep things simple too! Download my e-book and let’s get started!



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