Middle Eastern Lentil Soup – Nutritarian Recipes

I love this soup! It’s so fast and easy and tastes great without any added salt or oil. I got wet and very cold on a short camping trip this weekend and I was craving soup so I made this one when I got home.

I followed the recipe except for any added salt and I didn’t add cardamom because I don’t have any.  I added one package of defrosted and drained chopped frozen spinach too.  This recipe is from one of my favourite blogs and can be found here.  Susan’s blog has so many awesome recipes and many are easy to convert to a nutritarian recipe if required.

This is a great nutritarian recipe because you get your greens, legumes and onions.  For some interest you could also add some mushrooms and get even more of your G-BOMBS in one bowl!  In a pinch you could whip this up and enjoy it for three or four meals depending on whether you eat it alone or with salad.

Fast and easy recipes are perfect if you’re busy and need something nutritious.  This even tastes good with less water and as the base for a stew if you add more vegetables to it!

Have a great time trying this recipe.  It has a nice flavour profile without being too overpowering.  Even people who don’t like Indian food might like this soup since the flavours aren’t too bold.  If you like bold then just adjust the seasoning to your liking!

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