My Energy Boost for Exercise

I’m not into energy drinks or gels or powders but I do love the boost I get with my magic weapon to give me a boost before and during exercise.  I always stock up on this when I’m in Florida at the T-Tapp retreat because they won’t ship it to Canada.  It’s what we fondly call PG Spray.

Pyruvyl-Glycine Spray

I notice I have more endurance and energy to do longer workouts and it is especially useful during times where I need a boost before doing some heavy duty housework too!  The benefits are pretty impressive…

Burn 48% more fat, lose 47% more weight, and offset those simple carbs (even without exercise) by using T-Tapp‘s Pyruvyl Glycine!  This proprietary formula contains over 27 years of clinical research showing that pyruvyl-glycine is up to 200% more effective than regular pyruvate.  Maximize your workout with endurance and fat loss by boosting your body’s Krebs cycle.  Pyruvyl Glycine does not stimulate the nervous system or increase heart rate or blood pressure at all.  Flavored with natural raspberry, you can use all day!  All ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic.  Pyruvyl Glycine is great during the holiday season to burn off those extra holiday party calories!

I do find that I perspire more and I can last longer while I’m working out but I don’t get jittery or hyper.  That’s pretty good for me.  Have you ever tried any similar products where it feels like your heart is going to burst out of your chest?  You won’t feel that with this.

I keep it beside my DVD player and my T-Tapp DVDs as part of my routine before and during a larger workout.  I’ll do 6 sprays before then 6 sprays in the middle of my workout.  I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried it.  If you find that you need a little extra something to keep you going during a larger workout then this may be exactly what you need!

During the holidays when you eat more carbs it apparently good to spray some to help burn off the extra sugar too!  I’ve even been told it’s a great aid to those who are quitting smoking.

So now you know that I don’t have a cape or super powers…just some PG Spray in my arsenal for optimum performance during my workouts.  Join me on Facebook and let me know what magic items get you ready for your workouts?


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