No time to exercise? I’ve got the solution

Yes…we’re all busy and trying to do several things at once or trying to squeeze in too much into one day. By the time we get home from work or we’ve had a full day with the kids it feels like there is no time to exercise or even muster up the courage to put on those runners and do something active.

This is another reason why I love What Is T-Tapp” target=”_blank”>T-Tapp. You don’t need a lot of time!

Who wants to drive to the gym, look for parking, change into workout wear, find the machines, wait for the machines, wait for the class, get changed, go home, get stuck in traffic…get my drift? Or who wants to flail about with no real purpose other than to get your heart rate up then on another day do some weights…don’t forget the flexibility component!

What Is T-Tapp” target=”_blank”>T-Tapp is the solution…no monthly fees, no hassles with other people at the gym, you don’t need to workout one or two hours every day.

With What Is T-Tapp” target=”_blank”>T-Tapp you can get results in as little as 15 minutes a day. How good is that?  It’s a fast exercise that gets you fast results without requiring that you spend too much time on it.

AND you get your strength, cardio and flexibility training all in one.

What’s not to love?

Do you think it looks too easy? Think again. It will get you sweating and the best thing is that no matter what your fitness level it will keep challenging you…that means you never have to do more than 8 reps or keep adding minutes to your workout.

Sweet isn’t it.

Contact me…let’s analyze your needs and get you started.

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  1. Interesting. I haven’t heard much about the T-Tapp before. The one thing I’d be curious to hear more about is the motivation factor and accountability for each individual going through this. However, it looks like it definitely would save time and money. Are there any pictures examples of what the T-Tapp consists of?

    1. Thanks for your comment Edmund! T-Tapp has a forum that is free and many T-Tappers join in and support each other along the way. They even have groups for people to check in and have something to improve their accountability. The motivation comes quickly because T-Tapp works fast and people will often see results in a few days. There is a whole section on the website called try before you buy where you can try a variety of the moves for free. Here’s a link to the site

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for the comment. I loved T-Tapp so much I became a trainer so I could share in my passion. It is so fast and effective AND rehabilitative too! There is a whole section on the website called try before you buy where you can try a variety of the moves for free. Here’s a link to the site

  2. There is nothing so wonderful as looking in the mirror and seeing shapely shoulders, arms and abs! I found mine through hot yoga, but T-Tap seems like another wonderful answer.

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