Plan, plan and plan!

I must say that if I don’t plan ahead my food choices end up costing double or they’re not the best!

I plan my food by making sure I have enough smoothie ingredients and salad ingredients….this sets me up for success because I have what I need for breakfast and dinner each day for the next few days.

I usually plan on the weekend so I can get the groceries I need to also cook one or two dishes for my lunches. A stew or dish with beans and veggies is what I usually have for lunch.

If I have to prepare extra lunches mid-week then hummus is always a quick and easy solution. Honestly, it’s much cheaper too! If I don’t plan and I want veggies I end up paying $8 for a mini party tray of veggie sticks…party by myself!

If you plan then the decision making is handled all at once and if you follow a similar plan that I do you don’t have to spend lots of time in the kitchen. How easy can it get? If you have too much work in this area then you might be prone to giving up!

When it comes to exercise you should also plan ahead. If you know you’re having some late work nights or events then plan around them. Sounds simple but we often forget then the week ends with less exercise done because we were tired and didn’t have time.

Put it in your calendar then DO IT! Honestly, sometimes you have to be a bit tough on yourself and get things done! You’ll feel better once you’ve done it!

If you have time to be on Facebook or watch TV then you have time to workout!

Plan for your success, follow through an take action. Things won’t magically happen unless you do them but these tips will help you.

What other strategies do you have to make yourself successful when it comes to eating an exercise!?

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