Project “Look Good for Prom” – Week 1

About two weeks ago my son approached me and said “Mom, can you help me look good for prom in June?”  I told him about the T-Tapp challenge and said he could eat like me for a magic combination that would help him lose weight and be healthy.  He agreed..much to my surprise.

Last week we embarked on a 5 day fruit and veggie “kickstart” to detox after Easter celebrations and get into the groove by resetting his palate faster.  I felt it would be easier to go big rather than dabble with some things and just have a little bit of others.  Apart from fruit and veggies he did have some of my flax seed crackers.  I was skeptical that he’d join the contest but he did when we took pictures and our measurements on Tuesday, the day the contest started.

I made sure we had enough variety of fruits and veggies for smoothies, salads, and even made an eggplant dip and a mock-guacamole dip so he wouldn’t feel deprived.  The kid was constantly hungry and I explained that he needed to make sure he had enough green veggies as well as other veggies to fill him up rather than eat too much fruit.  Honestly the food flew out of the fridge last week.  I also told him about toxic hunger and that he was suffering from withdrawal from his food addictions too.

He was very sleepy but then again what teen isn’t?  He was a good sport too! He did have a moment or two where he was tempted to indulge in a cookie or a chocolate but with some thought-provoking questions and facts he was able to skip them. He told a few friends and even twittered about his lunch one day!

The plan now is beans, greens, fruits and seeds/nuts for the most part, with some whole grains too, for another 5 weeks and we keep going with the T-Tapp challenge until June 10th.

When it came to T-Tapp I loved having a workout buddy.  He was very gung ho about working out and I had to remind him at times that less is more.  For something that looks so easy he got the full experience when we did the Total Workout for the first time.  Up to now he’d never done more than just the basic workout and even then he’d say it was amazing how good it was considering how easy it looked.  With some very funny and sweaty moments he pulled through the first week.

Overall he’s glad he’s doing this but I asked him to answer some questions about his first week:

What was the hardest part of this week? – Being hungry all the time, veggies don’t fill me up as much as meat and bread. (My note: I think part of this was dealing with withdrawal and toxic hunger and it should get easier as we progress)

What was the best part of this week? – Making my mom happy, cause she has a workout buddy.

How are you feeling after eating this way?  – I feel good; a lot better than I used to.

What are your thoughts about T-Tapp so far? – YOU PEOPLE ARE INSANE…ITS TIRING!

Are you feeling any physical or mental changes as a result of the two things? – Physically I feel better. My poop is better! (My note: Along with several poop conversations he also mentioned that he felt happier this week).

We didn’t weigh ourselves but we will be taking measurements mid-way to see how it’s going.   I’ll keep you posted.  I’m so proud of him for taking on this step in his life because of the health benefits of eating a nutritarian diet and for the rehabilitative qualities of T-Tapp.  He hurt his knee playing football and I hope this helps with that.

The journey continues but I hope that what he learns after we’re finished is that his health is important and that he feels so good that he’ll continue with the healthy habits after the challenge.

We’ll keep you posted!

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