Raw Sushi – Vegan and Raw Food Recipe

The sunflower seed pate I posted yesterday was the prelude to this fabulous and tasty dish.  It looked so good that my son wondered if I was going to make more because he wanted some too.  Rest assured I made enough for me and for sharing!

After I made the pate, I sliced some long slivers of cucumber, carrot, red pepper and avocado.  I lay it all out on a dish so I’d have everything at my finger tips for assembly.  Lay out one sheet of the nori and spread the sunflower pate along half of the sheet closest to you.  Arrange the vegetables in a long line about one inch in off the edge.  Roll up the sushi and set aside until you’re ready to cut them all.

Here’s the finished product…ta da!

Let me know if you try this and what veggies you use.  This almost makes a great, portable lunch!

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