Sleep Deprivation and your Weight

I’ve mentioned before that you need your sleep in order to stay healthy and it’s also important if you’re trying to lose weight.  I was reading an interesting summary about some recent findings and I knew I had to share it with you!

Would you believe that you also burn less energy throughout the day if you’ve missed sleep?!?! I am definitely going to work on ensuring I get my needed sleep!  C’mon, what’s the use of eating well and exercising if you’re going to jeopardize it by not sleeping enough?

You can check out the article here but here is what they say about sleep deprivation:

This research tells us when we are sleep deprived we are likely to eat more calories because we are hungrier. This alone might cause us to gain weight over time. However sleep loss also means we burn off fewer calories which adds to the risk of gaining weight.

How many hours of sleep do you normally get? Are you trying to cram in too much into one day to the point you are getting to bed too late? It’s time to see how you can get more sleep…your health depends on it and so does your weight.

I used to live on 5 hours of sleep each night, drink many coffees each day and pop Tylenol almost every day for headaches and migraines.  That was all before I became a nutritarian, started exercising and transformed my life.  I added more sleep by cutting out or cutting down on activities that were wasting time even though sometimes they were fun.

If you’re regularly not getting enough sleep you may need to fix that even before you attempt any other changes to your lifestyle for weight loss.  If things seem too overwhelming it could be because you’re not sleeping.  Could that be it?

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