So many excuses, so many pounds not lost

It feels like all my life I’ve had a weight problem.  I have no idea when I was officially heavier than others but I did start dieting around 12 years of age and I do vividly recall certain treats being off limits to me.  Of course that just meant that I’d eat more when no one was around.  I even snuck ice cream into my rice krispies…that’s talent…but it’s also another story.

I went on my first real, paid diet when I was 17.  At that time I weighed almost as much as my dad.  I believe I weighed 168lbs and I lost 40lbs.  It was great.  I kept that off for  a while but marriage and kids each added some pounds and some diets in between kept it from getting bad.  The best was when I discovered Dr. Fuhrman and Eat to Live…obviously.

However I need to come clean.  I still haven’t finished and I feel like I still have a weight problem.  When I first set out to lose weight I lost more than I even thought possible however I set my sights on getting closer to the idea for my height and that’s what I haven’t reached.

It frustrates me at times and other times I’ve felt like a fraud.  I’ve got lots of reasons why I haven’t finished losing weight and the past three years have been the worst but in the end that’s all…I haven’t finished.  I’ve been living a reasonable life or justifying it but today I’m openly declaring that I’m done with having reasons and excuses and I’m ready to finish.

How about you? Does this sound familiar? I became a trainer because I love how much my life has changed and I want others to feel just as great as I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I love how far I’ve come….I’m frustrated that I haven’t finished. I’ve lived this and I’ve struggled through it.  I can help you and you can help me too!

All these reasons justify the comfort food and the lack of consistency when it comes .  They keep me resigned and lead to me hating myself.  I’ve even lost my confidence in myself.  So I’m declaring to you that I’m done with the excuses and I’m done with the justifications.  I’m upping my game and taking action!

Life isn’t always easy but food or skipping a workout hasn’t made it easier…in ways it has made it harder.  It is keeping me from following my dreams!  That just plain sucks.  I know how hard it is to face people when you don’t feel your best and I know how easy it is to avoid situations because you don’t want to face them.

I’ve been there and I’m still avoiding certain things because I haven’t finished losing weight.  Eleven years ago I wanted to be in the body I imagined…that’s a long time…that’s even before I radically changed my life! I’ve never declared that I’m perfect and I realize my inaction has impacted my life so much.  Each time I learn a valuable lesson…now it’s time to move, go, do it!

I got complacent but I’m done with that!  I don’t want to wish I’d taken more action a few months ago so that by now I’d look a certain way.  If I take consistent action I’ll get there and then I will no longer have to worry about how I look or feel.  I also had two illnesses in one month…that is not good and it’s really bothering me.  My health is so important and I need to make sure I’m at my best.

So, are you going to join me?  I can’t do this alone….I want to feel free, vibrant and confident…don’t you?  Let’s keep each other focused and committed! Start now by downloading my e-book and drop me a comment on how best I can support you!

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