I love my Spiral Slicer! SAVE $10

I love my spiral slicer! I can make awesome zucchini pasta in long, thin spaghetti-like goodness!  Check out those wonderful strands of zucchini combined with some kelp noodles, a tasty sauce and this happened to be topped with a roasted veggie salsa for good measure.

I bought my spiral via Upaya Naturals when I was looking for raw cashew butter which turns out to be very difficult to find around here.  I didn’t want a cashew butter with roasted nuts because roasting changes the nutrient quality…but I digress.  They are a Canadian raw, vegan e-store and I love to browse through their products!

I got the cashew butter, kelp noodles and I decided to get my spiral slicer.  It is awesome.  I love how easy it is to clean up too!  Look how cute it is!

Well, I’m excited to share that you can get $10 off your spiral slicer this month by using coupon code SLICE10 and you can get free shipping in Canada (or a shipping discount if you’re in the US) on any order over $100!

Sounds like a great deal to me!  Let me know if you get it…I’d love to share ideas/recipes with you.

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