Support – You’re not alone in your journey!

It can be daunting to take on a huge lifestyle change such as changing your eating and exercising regularly.  You might find that those around you get a bit threatened by your great commitment and even sabotage you or try to convince you to “live a little”….you need the right support.

When I started following Dr. Fuhrman’s advice in Eat To Live I was all alone and often felt that no one understood me.  I compromised my commitment so I would still fit in and I didn’t want to make others uncomfortable but in the end I’d drive home feeling ill or disappointed in myself.

You need to enlist the support of someone who has done it before or who loves you so much that they won’t lead you in the wrong the direction if you’re firm about your resolve.  My husband and kids have been put on notice that no matter how much I beg for Doritos that they are to stand firm and not let me cave in.  That’s a far cry from me asking my husband to go buy Doritos on those stressful Sunday nights before the work week was about to start.  I had to tell him that I wanted him to say no to me no matter how upset I was in the moment.

That being said, you sometimes need a place to vent or ask questions when you’re not sure.  Here are some great options if you’re into eating like me or exercising like me.

1 – ME! I can help you.  I want to help you be the best that you can be.  I want you to wake up and feel happy in your own skin and to be healthy for your family and friends.  I don’t want you to avoid social situations or to hide because you don’t like how you look.  I’ve been there and as a T-Tapp trainer and Nutritional Education Trainer I’ve learned the ins and outs of these lifestyle changes while seeing the benefits of both on my own body.  Join me on Facebook or comment below so we can get connected. My ebook has it all outlined as well so it’s a great way to start too!

2 – Dr. Fuhrman’s Member Center – This is a wonderful place to get support, reading materials, advice, recipes and access to Dr. Fuhrman and his team.  I joined about two years after doing it alone and I thrived in this community.  It was exactly what I needed.  I highly recommend it.

3 – T-Tapp’s Forum – This is an awesome FREE forum for all T-Tappers to share and learn.  Honestly…it’s a group of very informed and encouraging people.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many at the T-Tapp retreats and it was our hang-out before Facebook.  It’s still a very valuable resource if you want to learn more about T-Tapp or the moves.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but it’s a great place to start if you’re considering getting support from others who have experienced the same things you’re going through and have tips and tricks you might find useful.

We all need to belong and these are some great ways to reach out.

Is there something you’re wondering? How can I help you? Let me know!

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