You ARE a Champion!

This comment has been floating around in my mind for a week and it was amazing what an impact it had on me. I posted a comment on Sandi Krakowski‘s wall and ended it with “a champion in progress” since I’m new to this whole serious blogging world and bringing my business online. She replied that I am a champion and that it’s my business that is in progress. So true and so perfect.

All week this has proved the perfect little phrase when I beat myself up for not having a stellar week. I haven’t been sleeping enough and haven’t been taking good care of myself as well I should some days. I tell myself I’m a failure and that I’m hopeless…then BOOM…a voice comes on and reminds me that I am a champion. I think of what I have accomplished and it encourages me to keep going.  I am perfect already and so are you.  Those changes that we want to make and those goals we have are in progress but one slip here or there does not dictate our future.

I was feeling low and someone told me I inspired them to take charge of their life and now they’ve lost 85lbs. I am humbled because a few hours before I think I’m a failure and this woman is telling me I’m an inspiration.  Clearly I am not completely a failure right? We really do have to think about what is swirling around in our head because we’re apt to believe it and not take those chances or make those choices because we limit or sabotage ourselves even before we’ve started something.

Does all this sound familiar?

I’m thinking that I need to be more of an owner and less of a victim at times when I get a negative thought making it’s way into my head. A victim complains and thinks their circumstances dictate what is happening to them but an owner takes the problem and takes action….it’s no longer a problem because they are focused on the solution. Sounds like something a champion would do eh?

Of course, getting more sleep this week would really help me feel better too!  Yeah, I’m busy but I don’t need to feel sorry for myself and whine about it.  Time to go from victim to owner and change my reactions to the challenging times because I am a champion after all!  I can’t change what I’ve done but I can choose my next steps to better serve my goals.

So let’s go…you are a champion…don’t give up!!

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