Do you have the power?

Are you honestly feeding your body or are you just filling it?

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I know.  Sounds pretty intense but do you really have the power to fulfill all the daily tasks you need to and have extra energy to take on the world?

If this sounds too good to be true then you seriously need to have a look at how well you’re treating yourself.  What kind of fuel are you providing for your body and how high quality is it?

You wouldn’t put awful fuel in your car if you wanted it to run properly and last long so why are you not doing the same for your body?  You need good quality fuel and in a quantity that will sustain your body’s needs.

It’s not only about the quantity of the carbs, fat and protein.  How high is your fruit and veggie intake on a consistent basis?  Many are over-fed but under nourished.  Aim for 10 servings of fruits and veggies daily…you owe this to yourself. This will give you an energy boost, natural vitality and healing too.

Once you have filled up your body with the wonderful micronutrients it needs then chances are you’ll feel better, ache less and perhaps you’ll no longer feel so foggy.  If you aim for those extra fruits and veggies then chances are you’ll also experience another wonderful side effect…you’ll lose weight too!

So often everyone is jumping on to the lastest energy drink or magic pill but you should really try to improve what you eat rather than keep eating a standard diet and supplementing with the lastest hot product that really seems too good to be true.

My free e-book can help you introduce more plant-strong foods into your diet.  Give it a whirl for six weeks and see how you feel!


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You deserve to be healthy and reshape your body!

Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself? Do you put yourself last? Do you do things for everyone else but forget your own needs?  You’re not doing yourself a favour.  As a mother who works outside the home I used to put myself last because my family needed me and I wanted to make sure all their needs were met.  By the end of the evening I was tired and didn’t have the time or energy to exercise.

Guess what? I decided to take better care of myself because my kids started to notice that I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit and I wasn’t playing with them as much as I used to.  I was watching from the sidelines and had no desire to put on a swimsuit and frolic in the water.  Funny isn’t it? No time to consider exercise because I was busy with my kids and I wasn’t making memories with them because I didn’t exercise and take care of myself.

I started by changing my eating.  I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to lose weight fast (don’t we all?).  I adopted a plant based, whole foods diet by following the advice in Eat to Live.  Two years later I discovered T-Tapp and I took on exercise consistently.  T-Tapp made sense because I could do it from home and it looked pretty impressive.  I told my husband that my exercise time was for me and that unless someone was in a coma or bleeding profusely that they should pretend I wasn’t home.  With that understanding I set aside that time and did it.  I wasn’t being selfish and I wasn’t neglecting anyone.  Most importantly I was getting stronger and more fit so I could run after my kids and partake in activities that they enjoyed.

So how will you squeeze this in? Look at your priorities. Make a list of what is most important to you.  Make sure your health and wellness is in the top 5.  Why do you want to do this?  How will you and your family benefit if you’re healthier?  Carve out some time to exercise or plan your meals and take those steps for YOU!

Let me know what you’re planning for yourself in 2012.  I’d love to hear it and if I can help you in any way please let me know.

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You ARE a Champion!

This comment has been floating around in my mind for a week and it was amazing what an impact it had on me. I posted a comment on Sandi Krakowski‘s wall and ended it with “a champion in progress” since I’m new to this whole serious blogging world and bringing my business online. She replied that I am a champion and that it’s my business that is in progress. So true and so perfect.

All week this has proved the perfect little phrase when I beat myself up for not having a stellar week. I haven’t been sleeping enough and haven’t been taking good care of myself as well I should some days. I tell myself I’m a failure and that I’m hopeless…then BOOM…a voice comes on and reminds me that I am a champion. I think of what I have accomplished and it encourages me to keep going.  I am perfect already and so are you.  Those changes that we want to make and those goals we have are in progress but one slip here or there does not dictate our future.

I was feeling low and someone told me I inspired them to take charge of their life and now they’ve lost 85lbs. I am humbled because a few hours before I think I’m a failure and this woman is telling me I’m an inspiration.  Clearly I am not completely a failure right? We really do have to think about what is swirling around in our head because we’re apt to believe it and not take those chances or make those choices because we limit or sabotage ourselves even before we’ve started something.

Does all this sound familiar?

I’m thinking that I need to be more of an owner and less of a victim at times when I get a negative thought making it’s way into my head. A victim complains and thinks their circumstances dictate what is happening to them but an owner takes the problem and takes action….it’s no longer a problem because they are focused on the solution. Sounds like something a champion would do eh?

Of course, getting more sleep this week would really help me feel better too!  Yeah, I’m busy but I don’t need to feel sorry for myself and whine about it.  Time to go from victim to owner and change my reactions to the challenging times because I am a champion after all!  I can’t change what I’ve done but I can choose my next steps to better serve my goals.

So let’s go…you are a champion…don’t give up!!

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