Looking Back – My Two Month T-Tapp Workout Success

I love looking back and came across this chart of my progress after doing T-Tapp for only two months.  It was a new exercise program for me and I fell in love with it after seeing these results.

1st month results 2nd month results Overall Difference
Bust -3.75 -0.50 -4.25
Waist -2.50 -1.00 -3.50
Upper Abs -1.50 0.50 -1.00
Abs -3.25 -1.50 -4.75
Hips -0.75 -1.00 -1.75
Upper R Thigh -0.63 -1.00 -1.63
Upper L Thigh -1.25 -0.75 -2.00
Lower R Thigh -0.75 0.50 -0.25
Lower L Thigh -0.25 -0.50 -0.75
R Calf -0.25 -0.50 -0.75
L Calf -0.40 -0.60 -1.00
R Arm -1.25 -1.00 -2.25
L Arm -0.75 -0.75 -1.50
Total loss -17.28 -8.10 -25.38
Weight -4.00 -7.50 -11.50
Body Fat -3.00% -1.00% -4%

With results like these imagine what you can accomplish too!  What are you waiting for?

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