The 2012 T-Tapp Beauty Bootcamp was AWESOME!

I’ve been home a few days and I’m still pumped.  I think this was my favourite T-Tapp event ever! It’s hard to pinpoint what made it the best but I truly felt that it was the perfect combination of fitness, fun and relaxation.

We had awesome speakers such as:

  • Venus DeMarco who healed herself of breast cancer via natural methods rather than the conventional route
  • Brent Hardgrave who is a hair God and gave wonderful cuts to Jen and Tiff from the T-Tapp staff – it was also a pleasure to watch him cut my roomie’s hair during the retreat as well.
  • Tera Warner – the Green Smoothie Queen
  • Kim Bright of Sweet Wheat – motivational and inspiring that she almost didn’t talk about Sweet Wheat…Gain energy and feel great by adding Sweet Wheat® to your diet!
  • Maka’ala Yates – a Hawaiian with passion to help everyone heal themselves and their communities – looking forward to starting his cleanse! He also did an iridology reading for me!
  • The Bra ladies, Cynthia and Molly, from Livi Rae lingerie – hilarious and so glad I was fitted with proper bras!
  • Kirsten Tucker – T-Tapp trainer and chocolate expert…lots of awesome info on chocolate and great samples!
  • Rennee McLaughlin and Teresa Tapp too!

We had awesome food too! Lunches and dinners were included in the retreat package and it allowed for a more relaxed and connected feeling since we didn’t have to rush off anywhere to find a meal.  I loved the food they made for me at the spa and the buffets always had so much variety for me too!

Another component to make my week so fabulous was the time to connect with old and new friends and two wonderful roomies!  I feel so loved by my fellow T-Tappers and trainers in addition to the wonderful staff and even the vendors!!  It is amazing to be surrounded by so much positive energy and caring people.  They truly have a special place in my heart.  It was fun to grab a drink in the lobby bar or even better was to find that a pub opened in Safety Harbor two months ago.  We kicked back and relaxed while sharing laughs.  Great times!

Relaxation and pampering were also a treat.  Sauna, jacuzzi, reflexology, herbal wrap and even the plunge pool allowed for lots of rejuvenation too! We also had a before and after photo shoot…can’t wait to see my photos again.  It’s always fun to spend time with Lisa and Dave as they get you ready for the photos.  Although I think Lisa had her hands full with me this time since my new bra kept peeking up from under my top…lol…it’s not the hoochie mama workout so I didn’t want any lace showing!! I won’t even mention the pants!

And of course the piece de resistance would most definitely be spending time with Teresa Tapp and learning new moves and tweaking my form! She embodies caring and passion.  Right from the start, the first time I met her I had a warm fuzzy feeling and I am so honoured to be a T-Tapp trainer and part of her team.  I loved learning more about Senior Fit and can’t wait to share the tips and tweaks I learned too! Berei who is 84 is just so adorable and I can’t wait to see the final product once it comes out!

A big warm thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the retreat possible.  Big hugs to all my T-Tapp friends who have shared this journey with me and I look forward to sharing even more good times with you all no matter if it’s here at a class or clinic or in Safety Harbor again!!

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