What the FLU reminded me I needed to do

A week ago today I came down with a fever that lasted 5 days.  I was shocked.  By Friday I had a bad cough, chest pain, headaches and lots of congestion.  I was still shocked that this could be happening to ME!

You see, for six years I didn’t even get a cold.  When I became a nutritarian one of the benefits was super health and I could hug and kiss my sick kids and didn’t even fear getting a cold…I was like a super hero thanks to my health.

I started wondering what was going on when last fall/winter I ended up with a cold twice.  I figured it must be a result of lots of stress and lack of sleep.  Three weeks ago I had a cold again…grrrrr.  Then last week the flu!  No wonder I was shocked.

It was a good wake up call.  I took the time to revisit what I’d been doing to hinder my immunity and it boils down to a few things.

Lack of sleep – I was burning the candle at both ends and I need to go back to an earlier bed time.  Sleep is so important for me to recover from the stresses in life and to relax.

Junk – Yeah, with stress comes junk…well for me it does.  The past three years have been very stressful for me and no matter how much health-promoting food I eat I feel that I’ve been more lenient with junk when I’m really stressed…sometimes to the point that I hardly notice I’m taking a bite of this or a taste of that.

Exercise or a lack thereof – Even though I’d been very consistent once the T-Tapp challenge started, I looked back and the past two months hadn’t been too good. The past three years were my worst for consistency to be honest.  I’d never had this much trouble with consistency since starting T-Tapp.  Something big was going on.

Stress! – The culmination of three years of stress came to a head this year.  I’m in a much better place however I still have moments where I feel like I just came out of a war.   Stress impacts me a great deal.  I became exhausted and unable to follow my routine.  This is surprising because it wasn’t a new routine.  We’re talking something firmly established and in place for several years!

Yeah so those four things set me up to get sick.  I wasn’t charging my batteries and recovering from the stress and it was making me want to sit on the couch and ignore everything rather than taking the time to take care of myself.

So now, as I recover from the flu and a cold within the same month I really need to take charge and get myself back together.  I need to build back my strength and my immunity because there is no substitute for it.  I wanted to cry because I felt to tired and weak on Friday and I know I don’t want to feel that way ever again.

Can you relate to any of these factors playing havoc in your life?  I’d love to hear how you take care of yourself and make sure you eat right, sleep enough, exercise consistently and reduce stress or unwind from a stressful day.

I wish you great health!

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  1. Oh my, are you talking about me 🙂 ? I had been feeling so great for several years, and then, at the beginning of the last spring, my energy went down. I was exhausted, wiped out and then, a tragedy in my family happened (I lost my mum), and it literally nailed me down. I took a lot of courage, and help from my dearest and nearest to get over it. There have been some health consequences since but I’ve been working on them too. I simply have to put myself first if I want to be of any help to others. And yes, a lack of sleep is a big culprit. I’ve got all the theory, I walk my talk…… until I feel tired. Then, it all goes downhill. So, let’s have our shower, put on our pyjamas and go to bed (it’s 9 pm in France :-). Take care.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. It’s true…lack of sleep can really affect all our other healthy habits. Thanks so much for visiting! I’m really excited to share ideas with you!

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