Where is the science behind your diet?


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I must admit that when I first pre-ordered Eat to Live my main desire was to lose weight and feel good again.  Little did I know that the weight loss and food adventure was also going to become a science adventure. Having a science background I was immedietly impressed that the last third of the book was all references to scientific proof for the message that Dr. Fuhrman delivered.

I was actually thinking of how crazy some diets are and how it seems they are pulled out of thin air with little or no scientific proof of their health promotion and benefits.  Yes, if you lose weight you will have some health benefits but will the latest fad diet actually improve your health if you keep eating that way?  Can you keep eating that way?  What about the damage done while you’re on that crazy diet?

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing people say “It’s a lifestyle change” and such but you must remember that you have to stop doing what you were doing and stop whatever caused the weight gain or other issues that are preventing you from living a full life.  It’s not about a magic pill or potion that “let’s” you keep eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) but it’s about improving your overall health for ever!

All that thinking lead me to this great comparison of Eat to Live with other diets.  I’m biased and I love Dr. Fuhrman’s advice but what I really want is for you to learn this information and apply this knowledge in your life.  I want you to wake up feeling so good you’re excited to start a new day.  If you want my help then I’m here for you and I’d love to share recipes with you.

Learn about the popular diets and the pros and cons then make your choice.  You are a work in progress and looking good is a great thing but please don’t damage your health in the process.

Knowledge is power…get some when it comes to how other diets stack up to the “gold standard” of nutritional excellence.


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