Where is your support system?

Do you know who will cheer you on and who will help you on your journey? It is so important to have support in life and if you’ve got any goals it’s always good to let them know so they can keep you in line and encourage you to keep going.

When it comes to eating it is even more important to have your family and friends on your side. It becomes so much easier if they’re on board or even trying to improve their eating because they will help you make better choices too!

Can you imagine if everyone wants to eat at McDonalds and you’re not feeling strong enough to voice your opinion so off you go then you “mess up”? What if they are on your side and choose a restaurant that has options for you? Isn’t that better?  Weight loss support or support for any other goal is a great tactic to improve your chances of success.

How do you get them on your side? Talk to them. Tell them how important this is to you. Tell them you need to stay strong and don’t want to dabble in this…you want to be unstoppable and you need them on your side. Tell them you’re sick and tired of feeling how you currently feel and that you want to improve your health and vitality.  Don’t be afraid to open up and be true to them and to yourself.

Be honest and tell them that you need this. If you’re clear with them then you will find that they know exactly how committed you are to this and anyone who truly cares about you will help you.

And…if you need my support I’m here to be your cheerleader too!


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