Who are you being? Taking action to be your best.

I keep asking myself this because this is what kicks starts me when I’m not taking action and being the person I’m envisioning as my possibility.

“HUH?! What does that mean?”

Let me explain.  I want to be a bundle of energy that inspires and transforms others to be the best that they can be.  I also want to be at the peak of my health and performance in order to do all this even better.  So I decide I’m going to be a “health nut” and will feed myself the best food for my goals and that I’ll exercise consistently.  There’s other things but that’s it in a nutshell.

Oh yeah…I also decided to be a non-smoker!

So now instead of focusing on changing habits or making huge life changes I’m focusing on what a health nut/non-smoker would do.  It seems like a stretch but it’s pretty neat.  For example, there’s less drama this way.

I can’t whine and moan about not smoking (well I can but…) because a non-smoker wouldn’t do that.  They just go on with their life as a non-smoker.  I’ve been a non-smoker for a week and so far so good.  No major melt-downs and no major witchy episodes either.

When it comes to food I look for options that support my health goals and take action that is consistent with the possibility I’m working towards.  I don’t know how to describe it but it kind of takes the stress away and the pressure.  No major deadlines to reach the goal…just acting like I’m already there.

This is coming from a space of empowerment and positive thinking rather than deprivation and denial.  Try it out.  It’s a shift in your thinking but it’ll probably snap you into action a few times if you find yourself being whiny or feeling sorry for yourself…just stop yourself and ask “who am I being?”.

What possibilities do you see for yourself and what actions can you take to fulfill them?? I wanna know.

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