Why do I feel awful if I’ve just started eating healthy?

That’s easy…withdrawal comes first, then maybe bloating and gas…oh yeah…sometimes you’ve gotta feel bad before you can start feeling better.

If you’re changing your diet from the standard american diet (SAD) to a cleaner diet that eliminates caffeine, processed foods and more veggies and beans than you’re used to you will feel foggy, headachey, bloated and more gassy than normal.  Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up–it will get better!

This will pass.  The healthy eating transition isn’t always easy but it’s worth it!! The headaches will disappear and your body will adjust to the increased fibre.  If you’re going through the detox symptoms I’ve mentioned at the moment you’ll know what I’m talking about and I hope you’re determined to keep going rather than throwing in the towel.

Hang in there…I’m here for you…let me know what’s going on.


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