Will you be rocking the new swimsuit this summer?


Get everything you need here to join the challenge…it’s running from April 10 to June 10! You can win a trip to Florida!

Spring has sprung and before you know it that means summer will shortly follow!  Are you facing it with dread or with excitement?

Will you be rocking the new swimsuit on the beach or will you be hiding behind a new cover up? 

Have no fear!

T-Tapp is having a 60 day challenge from April 10th to June 10th…That’s the perfect kick in the pants to get you on your way to a new you!

If you’re not sure you can have great results in 60 days, then have a look at these contest results and see how much you CAN do in that period of time.

I’m so excited about these contests because I’ve seen so many awesome results over the years.  More information will follow but for now you can check in on the T-Tapp forum for the latest news.

I’m giddy with excitement.  Will you join in the challenge? Let me know!


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