You CAN break those bad habits and start new ones!

Can’t stick to a healthy diet or start a new exercise program? Yes you can!

You know what you have to do, you bought the book, stocked up on the healthy food or bought the DVDs for the new program and now matter how hard you try you screw it all up and that sets you off on a dark self-hate session.  You blame yourself and decide you’re a failure and all that resolve to become healthier disappears.

There is hope.  Knowing that you need to change and identifying what you need to change is good but your key to success is practice…practice makes perfect.  There are steps you need to take to make this work.  Be kind to yourself if you have a bad day but keep the momentum going.

This is like learning to play the piano.  You don’t just magically sit at the piano one Monday morning and magically play do you? If you really wanted to learn to play the piano you’d start with some easy steps such as learn the keys and to read music then you’d start practising.  After a while you get better and keep practising some more.  If you miss a note you wouldn’t throw your hands in the air and declare yourself a failure would you? No because you’re commited to mastering the art of playing the piano.

Let’s apply this logic to mastering your healthly lifestyle.  If your ultimate goal is true health keep your eye on that prize.  Plan ahead, make your menu, cook for a few meals in advance and pack your lunch.  Schedule your exercise and actually put yourself first so you have that time to do it.

Plan and put the steps in place then….PRACTICE! The more you practice the more you’ll get used to it.  Some things take more practice, others take less.  It took me two years of healthy eating and falling off the wagon several times before it really stuck!

Keep taking those positive steps and trust that your health will improve and that you will lose weight and look better too.  Don’t fret if you mess up…get back on track…you’re not a failure…you’re a work in progress!

When it comes to food you’re dealing with some addictions…it’s not always that easy. Keep taking those healthy steps and deal with each situation as it comes.  Social situations will pop up and you’ll have to find the best way to deal with them but over time you’ll get used to it and those around you will get used to the changes you’re making and they’ll lay off.

The key is to never give up and not to focus on something you messed up.  Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

I’m still learning and improving where I can.  I still have times where I mess up royally but I know that in the end I feel better and look better when I follow my healthy eating and exercise plan so I keep on moving in that direction.  Those little steps will add up to a big success so don’t beat yourself up if you have a mis-step.

Take care of yourself…if you don’t, who will?  You’re worth it!

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