You think it’s hard to eat healthy?

Ok, so maybe some things are hard (such as dealing with social situations) when you want to eat healthy and lose weight.  Others appear hard such as figuring out what to make.  If you’re ready for the change then usually it won’t feel as hard because you’ve done your homework and you truly are ready.  I love to help people by sharing recipes and ideas on what to eat.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I find that being a nutritarian is actually easy.  I really don’t have to cook every day for me and I wish my family all ate like me so there would be no need to cook for them as much either…hahahaha.

A few days ago I already had my dinner planned and so did my older son since he’s eating like me lately but my husband didn’t know what to eat and if my younger son had a choice he’d eat junk every day.  Well, I didn’t want them to eat take out and if I was going to cook then they were going to have to eat what I came up with.

In 45 minutes I’d made a huge tossed salad and a delicious quinoa/bean/veggie salad. I kept thinking how easy it was and that we often “think” it’s hard because it’s different or new.  Even the kitchen clean up was easier…no grease, no gross meat gunk…it was fabulous.

I didn’t follow a recipe I just grabbed whatever veggies I had on hand and chopped them while I cooked the quinoa, some corn and peas.  Then I drained and rinsed the cooked stuff under cold water and added it to the chopped veggies.  To that I added two cans of beans then dressed it and stirred it all up. Voila…it was done.  I ate mine over the tossed salad on my plate.  It was so good and easy!

I’ve developed my own little system where I only need to cook for myself once or twice a week and maybe whip up a bean dip mid week if necessary.  It’s outlined in my e-book too.  Honestly I think the hardest thing is to keep enough fruit and veggies in the house!

Go download the e-book, read through it and get ready to make the change.  If you’re not fully ready why not try some of the tasty recipes and use them as side dishes until you are.  Don’t forget that I’m here for you too in case you have any questions or want to bounce some ideas off me.

You can do it!

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